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Cultivation of seeds and fertilizers in modern agriculture: Aske 2200

Cultivation of seeds and fertilizers in modern agriculture: Aske 2200

Cultivation of seeds and fertilizers in modern agriculture: Aske 2200

Agriculture is one of the most vital human activities, and with the passage of time and technological advancements, it has seen significant improvements. One of the key innovations in modern agriculture is the use of direct seeding and fertilizing machines, which can simultaneously place seeds and fertilizers in the soil. This article examines the importance of simultaneous seeding and fertilizing and introduces the Aske 2200 machine.

Importance of Simultaneous Seeding and Fertilizing

Increased Productivity
Simultaneous seeding and fertilizing lead to increased productivity. By performing these two operations in one step, farmers can save time and costs. For instance, reducing the number of tractor passes over the field results in lower fuel consumption and reduced equipment wear.

Improved Plant Nutrition
One of the major advantages of simultaneous seeding and fertilizing is improved plant nutrition. Precise and timely fertilization delivers essential nutrients to the young plant roots, promoting better and faster growth. Plants need proper nutrition during the early stages of growth, and this method helps optimize this process.

Waste Reduction
Advanced machinery, such as seed and fertilizer planting machines, can place seeds and fertilizers in the soil with high accuracy. This precision reduces waste and optimizes resource usage. For example, the exact amount of seed and fertilizer is adjusted to prevent excessive use.

Modern Technologies in Seeding and Fertilizing

Seed and Fertilizer Planting Machines
These machines are designed to place seeds and fertilizers in the soil simultaneously. With separate tanks for seeds and fertilizers, these machines allow precise adjustment of the amount and location of seed and fertilizer placement. The Aske 2200 is one of the prominent examples of these machines, helping farmers perform planting operations with high accuracy due to its advanced features.

Aske 2200

The Aske 2200 Machine

Aske 2200: An Advanced Machine in Modern Agriculture
The Aske 2200 is a direct seeding and fertilizing machine produced by the Saze Kasht company. It connects to the tractor using a three-point hitch system and has separate tanks for seeds and fertilizers. Its features include a groove press wheel system, an advanced gearbox for adjusting the fertilizer and seed flow rate, and diagonal distributors for seed placement.

Key Features of the Aske 2200

  • Working Width of 220 cm: Suitable for covering extensive agricultural fields.
  • Separate Tanks for Seeds and Fertilizers: Optimizes the seeding and fertilizing process.
  • Groove Press Wheel System: Creates precise and uniform grooves.
  • Advanced Gearbox: Allows precise adjustment of fertilizer and seed flow.
  • Diagonal Distributors: Ensures even seed distribution.


Using the Aske 2200 machine can increase productivity and reduce costs in modern agriculture. With its advanced features, this machine aids in improving plant nutrition, reducing waste, and enhancing efficiency in farming operations. For more information and to purchase this machine, visit the Aske 2200 page on the Saze Kasht website.

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